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Our Culture & Values

Core Values

  • Do what’s right…For our customers, employees, & suppliers, no matter the cost. Always act with integrity and respect, treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Do our best…Every day, in everything we do.  Do work we are proud of with a positive attitude.  Leave things better than we found them.  Everyone’s best is different, but always enough.
  • Continuously Improve…Our quality, our people, our processes, and our relationships.  Make things simpler, safer, and faster.  Take initiative and be innovative in our thinking.  Work as a team and never be afraid of change.
  • Exceed Expectations…Do what’s expected, then take the extra step. This sets us apart as a company, and as individuals. It makes our customers and employees loyal partners.
  • Keep Perspective…Focus on what is important, and everything else will fall into place.  Don’t be afraid of mistakes, they help us learn and grow.  Work hard, be kind and humble, support each other and have FUN doing it!


  • What is Lean? Lean manufacturing is a methodology that focuses on minimalizing waste with manufacturing systems, while simultaneously maximizing productivity.  It focuses on adding value to customers and growing people.
  • How we use it?  We have embraced this methodology and are committed to continuous improvement with our employees, customers, and vendors.   We set aside time every day to make improvements and follow it with a team meeting. Through this we are building a culture and team that will with stand the test of time. 


  • Our mission at Hunter Trim & Cabinets is to build high quality custom cabinets, trim work, and stairs, by creating an environment where ALL our employees can continuously learn, improve, and grow.  We build cabinets, but more importantly, we build people and relationships.